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The ShadowCenter Server is up and running!

Posted by ShadowVenom718 on January 9, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Hey guys! I have finnally got the ShadowCenter server up and running! The server is a survival server, where you simply just spawn, survive, build, and work with friends. I may hold building contest to shape the server. By the way greiefing and pvp IS allowed. The server is not paid for, so the server may be offline at times. If i am online, the server will be online.

If you want be an op just ask me in the comments below. I will only op people i trust however.

IP address to join- or 10.0.02:25565 (try the first option first)

Well that's it for now. Anyway, I/m ShadowVenom and I'll see you guys later :D

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