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The FAQ is where all your answers will soon be revealed. Got Questions? If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the site owner or the adminstrators. If it is a frequently asked question we will add it to the FAQ.


  1. What is ShadowCenter?

    ShadowCenter's history goes way back, but lets talk about what it is now. ShadowCenter is an amazing online gaming community. You can play games, watch videos, chat with friends, and so much more! Best of all, they are all free!

  2. How come some things on ShadowCenter are not displaying right?

    It's most likely your internet browser. On Internet Explorer things such as the navigation bar and images will show oddly on Internet Explorer. ShadowCenter works best on Firefox and Google Chrome, so we highly recomend you download it. It loads the site faster as well! Sorry for any inconvience.

    If it is not that, it is probally your computer resolution.  I suggest having a computer resolution of 1600 x 900.

  3. Where can I play games on the site?

    Well there's a gaming page called games, which we put links to our gaming site. For the specific link it would be

  4. How do I add videos to the site?

    First of all, you must become a member. Next, go to the Videos page. On the upper right hand corner of the content box- will be a button named "+add video". Click it. Now you can add the video by a link on YouTube, HTML, or your computer. Always remember to add a description!

    Now click submit!

  5. How do I post on the Forums?

    First, become a member. Next, go to the Forums page. Chose a genre. Now on the top right-hand corner click the button "new topic". Or if you want to post on someone else's, click one of the topics for that genre. Scroll to the bottom of the forum thread, and type your message. Now if you want your own topic, click "new topic" as I was saying before and put a title. Next type your message, make sure the message relates to the title. There is also a signature check box. If you check it, your signature ( which you did when you edited your profile, if you did) will show up on your post. Sometimes there are other things you need there too, but this is enough for you to get a good idea of it.

  6. How do I friend people on ShadowCenter?

    Make sure you're a member and are logged in, and visit the Members page. Click on one of the profile names. On the left is a "add as friend" button. You can leave a personal note with the friend request as well. Oh yea you can also leave comments on their profile this way too! Just watch what you comment!

  7. How do I know if someone is staff of ShadowCenter?

    You can tell if someone is staff of ShadowCenter by looking at the rank under their name, or by checking their profile. It will say moderator or administrator, for staff ranks.
  8. It says I am a registered user when I have never signed up for the site?

    If you are already a registered user, try signing in with your Webs ID (which is your account info). Your Webs ID should be the same username and password as you use to sign in to your website.

  9. How to upload things to the Documents page?

    First log in and then click "Add Document" on the Documents page. Next chose a subject on what you are about to upload. Add a name. Next add a discription and then upload it to the site. Now click submit.

  10. Why is there a swirling loading icon behind my profile picture?

    This happens because part of your image may be transparent. To fix this add a solid background to the back of your profile picture. If you are just seeing the loading sign with no picture, that probably just means your profile picture is loading.

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  1. ShadowCenter has a chat, I want one too!

    Sure, just sign up for or Next make your chat!

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